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With an increased interest in Japanese culture you may be considering Japanese baby names for your baby but with so many to chose from where do you begin, what are good Japanese names? Japanese baby names come with special meanings you will see the literal translation in this article. Every Kanji has multiple meanings and when paired with another Kanji can produce a large number of meanings.

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Japanese boy names and Japanese girl names.

What are good Japanese boy names?

  • Haruto meaning best warmth.
  • Kaito meaning supportive person.
  • Sora meaning superior air.
  • Yuuto meaning person who helps.
  • Itsuki meaning go my way.
  • Naoki meaning strong tree.
  • Aito meaning darling child.
  • Eiichi meaning the prosperous one.
  • Tenshi meaning one who serves.
  • Kazue meaning single blessing.
  • Akihiko meaning bright prince.
  • Isao meaning honour.
  • Kin meaning gold – this name can also be used for a girl.
  • Ryuu meaning dragon spirit.

What are good Japanese girl names?

  • Hana meaning one love.
  • Yui meaning reliant help.
  • Niko meaning second child.
  • Sana meaning three calm.
  • Akari meaning red cold.
  • Natsumi meaning summer.
  • Kaede meaning maple.
  • Emiko meaning smiling child.
  • Junko meaning pure child.
  • Maiko meaning dancing child.
  • Ichigo meaning Strawberry.
  • Sora meaning sky – this is traditionally a male name but has been made popular as a girls name by anime characters.
  • Shizuka meaning quiet or calm – this name has regained popularity in the Vampire Knight anime series.
  • Sakura meaning cherry blossom – considered the most popular name in anime.

Popular Japanese Names

The Japanese are well known for their love of all things cute, you will find a number of cute Japanese baby names inspired by popular culture. Examples of Japanese girl names are:

  • Takara which means jewel or treasure in its English translation this is a girls name which wouldn’t be out of place in any fantasy novel.
  • You could name your little princess Aiko after a real Japanese princess she is the daughter of the emperor Naruhito.

Japanese boy names – Masuru is a distinctively masculine name in Japan meaning commander or victory your son will follow in the footsteps of the famous samurai often described as the ‚father of Japanese railways‘. Keisuke is a name associated with sporting achievements with the most famous Keisuke Honda playing on the national football team. Kota is another popular name in Japan – you would be naming your son after the famous Japanese Wrestler.

Whilst picking out the perfect Japanese baby names it is important to remember that the Japanese do not use middle names. The Japanese unlike Western languages write the child’s name with the surname first and the given name second. Traditionally Japanese boy names indicated the order of their birth such as Ichirou „“first son““ and Jirou „“second son““ Japanese girl names often ended in the character „“ko““ which means child this is a tradition which has become less popular in recent years.

With such a wealth of Japanese baby names available you will not be without choice but how do you chose the perfect Japanese boy names or Japanese girl names? The Japanese name generator will offer you a number of options to chose from whether you are looking for cute, unique or traditional.

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