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Your feedback is important to us

Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Feedback from our users, such as yours, helps us continually improve our features and name generators. We are happy to receive feedback on the following areas

  • Existing features and functionalities
  • New feature requests (e.g. new generators, attributes)
  • A problem that exists (Bug)
  • General feedback
  • Any additional suggestions, ideas, and comments

We’ll review all ideas and use them to improve the awesomenamegenerator experience for everyone. You can leave your E-Mail address in the contact form if you would like a reply.

How we use your feedback

Feedback from people who use the awesomenamegenerator helps us redesign our generators, improve the usage, and troubleshoot technical issues. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.


Paul and Sebastian