Get your own Fantasy Male Name

Nibarr Ralas the Stringer
Ivelaes Thenim the Bleacher
Riniso the Bleacher
Archduke Khadba Boguk
Charon the Jeweler
Baron Ghamul Badbu
Dolms Othravel the Linen-armorer
Jeande Geves the Weaver
Prince Celeg
Jartod the Weaver

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Fantasy Male Names

With our Fantasy male name generator you will get 10 different fantasy male names. If you’re looking for new fantasy male names, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can generate your next fantasy name. Well, we will give you 10 more suggestions if you click on the button.

Where can you use the fantasy male name?

Whether for a role playing game, board game or a story in a book – your Fantasy Male Name is waiting for you. With the generated name you can equip any of your characters. Be it a god in a game, a male fantasy name in a pen and paper game or even a king in a story. Literally you can use the name anywhere!

Player names for male

Fantasy male names are also often used in fantasy games. Who doesn’t know it? You sit in front of the computer, want to create a new character and can’t find a suitable name for it. Then you always think – What now? I need suggestions! You read through hundreds of player names from other players and you really don’t like the names after all. The solution: You go on the search by yourself. At this point the Fantasy male generator is just made for you!