Baby name experts and linguist believe that what you name your child does indeed impact her personality, her potential to interact with her fellow human beings, and even how she or he is interpreted by total strangers. Although there is a trend of giving unusual and creative baby names, parents should give considerable amount of thought in naming their child because it has a huge bearing in her life. A name is a reflection of character identity and every child must have an individual title.

Children with unique baby names have the advantage of standing out from the crowd, being memorable and avoiding confusion as fewer people have the same name. However, these names have drawbacks because they are hard to remember and lead to a lot of addiction from others. These children, when they grow up, are often seen as striving for individuality. Unique baby names are a good conversation starter, especially if they have a special meaning or history.

It is very interesting to note that people don’t react well to things that are new and unusual, especially those who are conservative in their thought. One of the most important things you will ever do for your child is to choose a baby name. I n the earlier times most parents took the easy way out. The moment they had a child they would randomly pick out names from the pool of acceptable names, that is go in for common names.

Almost all names have meanings, but people who want to give their children out of the ordinary baby names do so specifically for the meanings. However these kinds of names have serious repercussions. They tend to be harder to pronounce, which is frustrating, especially for their fellow human beings or for teachers coping with a new class at the beginning of the school year. Studies have revealed that people with unusual names are judged negatively by others solely on the basis of the name.

Today, however, parents spend months trying to think about possible baby names. They draw up short-lists, consult their friends or use our name generator. Certain important factors have to be kept in mind when deciding about the name. The foremost being that the first and the last name should complement each other and the name should have positive connotations for you. Secondly the pronunciation and spelling of the name should not be too complex.

It is often observed that parents in a hurry to name their child overlook the above mentioned factors and end up making big mistakes. As more and more parents go in for exotic names, the unusual becomes more and more familiar. If your child has a unique baby name, which is easy to spell and pleasing to the ear, and which he can carry both in childhood and adulthood then the time, spent is worthwhile.

Recommendations and “stumbling blocks” for  choosing a Unique Baby Names

In today’s time one of the biggest trends is choosing a unique baby name, while in former times due consideration was not given when choosing a unique baby name.  Parents should take extreme precaution when naming their child. Parents are usually influenced by the names of celebrities and popular television personalities but they seem to forget that they are not the only viewers of these shows or movies.

Parents have to avoid using creative spellings in unique baby names since this causes utter confusion for others as well as the bearer of the name. What really matters is finding a name you love and which grows well with your child. Namesakes or exact reproductions of a person’s name are often confusing to everyone involved and lead to unfortunate name choices.

Nationality of the individual has a huge bearing in choosing a unique baby name, because it should not be unpronounceable or difficult to spell, otherwise the name will be a burden to the child. There are two opposing lines of thought on unisex names. Parents feel that a unisex name allows them to pick a name with certainty before the baby’s sex is known while others argue that it’s unfair and psychologically harmful to require a child to explain which sex he or she is.

Parents do not want to keep a name, which constantly gets mispronounced. They would rather pick a name, which is easy to pronounce and at the same time unusual. Some names are so popular that most of the children share the same name. If the parent wishes to keep a unique baby name then the name has to be different from the popular names otherwise it cannot be termed as unique.

Most names bring to mind physical or personality traits that often stem from a well-known namesake. For e.g. the name such as Osama, for instance – may never outlive the terrible associations they receive from a single person who bore them. Although if the namesake is of a well reputed person then the parents may like to go in for that name. The unique baby name should reflect the traits and qualities that you would want your child to possess.

A unique baby name makes the child feel extra special but if it turns out to be too unusual, it could pose serious threats. If the name is way too extraordinary then the child will have to bear the brunt of his peers who will make fun of him. A name is supposed to be a reflection of character identity and every child must have an individual title. Thus a name must correspond with the personality of the individual being named, rather than just going in for unique names for the heck of it.

Baby Middle Names-Path to differentiation

Picking up baby middle names or initials are as important as finding a first name, and in general, the same naming guidelines can be used. One can go in for more creativity when finding baby middle names and choose a middle name that is unique, especially if the first name is traditional.

Obviously the most important decision is whether to use a middle name at all. They are gaining popularity and most people have at least one middle name.

An important factor to be kept in mind while picking a baby middle name is that it should sound good and have balance and rhythm with the first and last names that have been chosen. Also the initials should not create an acronym or spell a word. Finding the perfect match between the first middle and last names can be a big challenge for parents.

Middle name allows couples to be baby-namers and choose one name each, since one can choose the first and the other can choose the middle name. In general the baby middle name is the father’s name or the grandfather¡’s name so as to accommodate family traditions, since you can pick your own first name, and then use a grandparent’s name as the middle name.

Even though baby middle names are optional, they do help to single out the child from others who share the same first and last names. This middle name is usually the father¡¦s name or an ancestral name, which may be an unusual, attractive name. If the first name of the child is a bit too extraordinary then the child grows up disliking his name and opts for his middle name instead. So it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise to choose a middle name for the child, which may come in handy at a later date.

Some families have ‚family names‘ which traditionally pass down the generations as baby’s middle name and are often weird sounding. In some cultures, it is necessary that the child be named after his parents even though the name may not gel with the surname or the first name. This situation can be very tricky as it would be difficult for the parents to break the family tradition but they may go about it by giving the child a middle name similar to the family name.

It is often observed that people don’t give middle names much thought, because of which every tom, dick and harry share the same middle name leaving no scope for individuality. Baby middle names are considered to act as a bridge between the first and last names and are referred to as family name.  Due consideration must be given to such names because the name reflects the individual¡’s personality, his values and qualities.

It is very true that baby middle names are seldom used, but this does not give the liberty to use any name in its place, a lot of research has to go into it. Parents who want to keep a common first name can opt for an unusual middle name, which would differentiate their child from the crowd. Hence the middle name should complement the first as well as the last name.

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